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When Should I Remove a Silt Curtain from the Water?

floating silt curtain removalQuestion: When can I remove a silt curtain from the water? I am in a location that requires the use of a silt curtain and I am wondering when I should remove this from the water.

Answer: This is an excellent question regarding your Silt Curtain and we would be happy to answer this question. Before a turbidity curtain can be removed, the sediment and soil particles must settle at the bottom of the waterway. If the barrier or the sediment is removed before the sediment has a chance to settle, it could cause a greater turbidity problem than you started with.

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Removal of the Silt Curtain

Triton silt curtain holds sediment laden water in place, allowing time for the silt to settleWhen using a silt curtain, it is typically recommended that the sediment be allowed to settle for a minimum of six to twelve (6-12) hours. After this time, the sediment, the silt curtain, or both can be removed for your location.

In general, silt curtains are most commonly used for the containment of silt and sediment during a job or construction project. During these applications, the curtains will get removed after a construction project is finished and the silt has been removed and filtered. It is definitely not worth risking the fine by taking the silt curtain out too early, and not complying with the Clean Water Act.

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