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FAQ: What Size Type 2 Dredging Barrier Do You Carry?

Triton Type 2 turbidity barrier is a popular choice for dredging operationsQuestion: What are the type 2 barrier available sizes? I am working on a dredging project and I am in need of Type 2 Turbidity Barrier. What sizes do you have? How do I know what size I will need for my location?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! The Type 2 Silt Barrier is an excellent choice for controlling turbidity during dredging activities. These barriers are designed for medium duty water conditions and can be used in conditions up to 1.5 knots and 3 ft. waves.

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Turbidity Barrier Standard Sizing

Standard sizing for Triton Turbidity Barriers is typically in 50 or 100 foot lengths, with a skirt depth of 5 feet. However, as the manufacturer, we also are happy to work with you in building a solution that will satisfy your project's requirements.

Turbidity barrier is designed to be flexible and can be made to different sizing requirements as needed. The section lengths for the barriers will typically stay the same, while the depths can fluctuate depending on your location.

Depths can fall in a range anywhere from 3' to 100' and are commonly built to location-specific requirements. It is typically advised that the silt barrier feature a depth that allows the curtain to sit about one foot from the floor of your location for maximum efficiency.

Aaluminum connectorsdjusting the Turbidity Barrier for Longer Lengths

In order to get the length needed in your location, sections of the barrier are connected together. Depending on which barrier type you have chosen, this can be achieved through grommet eyes or slide connectors located at the ends of the barrier. These will allow grommet eyes to be tied together or slide connectors to be joined so your barrier can reach its needed length.

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Questions about type 2 barriers? We can help. Call us at +1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.