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FAQ: How is a Turbidity Barrier Used?

Triton turbidity barrier used for controlling sedimentQuestion: I am just getting started in the construction business and with the Clean Water Act, I need to stay in compliance. I was told that a turbidity barrier is a BMP for this. What is it made of? How is it used?

Answer:Thanks for contacting GEI Works. I'm happy to tell you about the functions of a Turbidity Curtain. This BMP is also known as a silt curtain and is made from reinforced impermeable PVC fabric. It has 6" Marine Grade Floats to keep the curtain afloat in the water. It can also be made with a permeable geotextile fabric (for the skirt).

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Turbidity Barrier and Sedimentation Protection

A turbidity curtain is used to provide sedimentation protection for a watercourse from up slope land disturbance where conventional erosion and sediment controls cannot be used, or from dredging or filling within the watercourse. The sediment is contained and ultimately settles, keeping the remaining water clean and free of sediment that may be contaminated from site runoff.

The water type in which the turbidity barrier is installed will determine which type of barrier you need. A type 1 silt barrier is used in calm water, the heavy duty type 2 silt barrier is best in medium waters where conditions are less than 1.5 knots, and a type 3 silt barrier is designed for rough or open waters.

Turbidity Barrier Installation

Turbidity barrier installationThe turbidity barrier can be installed in several different methods to effectively control or contain silt and turbidity in your location. These curtains are used in different applications to keep work areas completely contained. Some of the most common applications for these turbidity barriers have included the following:

  • Containment Around Dredging Locations
  • Shoreline Control near Construction Sites
  • Silt Containment
  • Marine Building Silt Containment
  • Dock Cleaning
  • Piling Installation or Cleaning

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