Turbidity Barrier Installation Made in the USA by GEI Works

Turbidity Barrier Installation of a Seawall

Triton Turbidity boom for marine construction projectsQuestion: I am looking to install turbidity barrier near a seawall in a canal. It is on fairly calm water and about four feet deep. Do you have anything available?

Answer: There are a couple of different Turbidity Barrier options you could consider for use during installation of your seawall. Choosing between these options will depend on the water conditions in your canal.

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Calm Water Applications

If you are planning on using this boom specifically in calm water locations, the best option would be one of our Type 1 Turbidity Barriers. These barriers are specifically made for calm water applications where there are no moving waters or waves. Typically locations where these barriers have been used include small lakes, ponds, or swales to control and contain materials.

Moving Water Applications

For moving water applications, the Type 2 Turbidity Barrier would be a great option. These turbidity barriers are equipped with a Marine grade ASTM slide quick section connector and suitable for DOT and USACE project requirements. When compared to the Type 1 curtain option, the Type 2 boom will feature a heavier fabric option and increased supports between sections to help the barrier hold up in these conditions.

Price Quote for Turbidity Barriers

Triton turbidity boom for canalIn order to receive pricing on either the Type 1 or Type 2 turbidity barrier, please provide us with the following information, and we will quote you the best option.

  • Length and Depth Required for your Location (standard sections are available in 50 or 100 ft. lengths and depths up to 100 ft.)
  • Boom Type Required OR Water Conditions
  • Contact Information (including name, company name, phone and email)

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