Type 1 Permeable Silt Screen

Geotextile Curtain for Filtering Sediment

silt screenThe Type 1 Geotextile Silt Screen is an all permeable curtain that provides both containment and filtration in calm water areas. Made from an eight ounce (8 oz.) nonwoven geotextile, our curtains are often used in areas with mild conditions.

  • Calm Water Areas
  • Shallow Water
  • Ditches
  • Temporary Silt Containment Requirements

Geotextile curtains are constructed with either a 4" or 6" float and have a bottom skirt ranging anywhere from 3' to 10'. Silt screen curtains are intended for short term projects.

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Type 1 Silt Screen Typical Specifications

Drawing Drawing (PDF)
Installation Type 1 Installation (PDF)
Standard Length 50'
Depth 3' to 10'
Flotation 4" Float (<5' D)
6" Float (5'-10' D)
Fabric 8 oz. Nonwoven Geotextile
Section Connectors Grommet Section Ties
Bottom Chain 5/16" Heavy Ballast Chain

When to Use an Impermeable Silt Curtain

impermeable silt curtainsWhile geotextile silt screen curtains are a good option for sites that require a permeable calm water barrier, many sites require an impermeable curtain in order to meet site requirements.

Impermable silt curtains should be used any time you are dealing with longer term applications, DOT requirements, or significant silt requirements. Some benefits of the standard silt curtains include:

  • Impermeable PVC Material
  • Increased Strength
  • Allows Silt Enough Time to Settle
  • Contractor or DOT Models

Type 1 Silt Screen Curtain Additional Models

silt screen curtainFor certain locations, having a more robust design is required in order to effectively keep silt contained. For these areas, standard impermeable Type 1 silt curtains (18 oz. PVC) are also available.

Silt Screen Accessories for Anchoring and Installation

Anchor Kits: Anchor, Painter Rope, Buoy
Tow Bridle: Helps Distribute Weight during Towing
Reefing Lines: Adjust the Bottom Curtain
Tidal Compensator: Self-Adjust Booms in Tidal Areas

Moving Water Silt Curtains: Type 2 and Type 3

Triton impermeable silt screen curtainFor any location with a current, waves, or tides, Type 2 and Type 3 moving water silt curtains are required. These curtains include the following additional heavy duty components:

  • Tension Cables
  • Section Connectors
  • Bottom Stress Plates

For more information about silt screen curtains, view our complete Silt Curtain Variety.

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