Silt Barriers for Bridge Repair

Floating Silt Mats

silt barriers for bridge repairFloating Silt Barrier Mats for bridge repair are a unique option for collecting and catching falling debris, especially for projects that require containment such as bridge or dam repair. Great for placement at the bottom of bridges, dams and buildings these mats work to catch and collect debris before it falls into the water, which helps prevent pollution and keeps areas free from contamination.

Standard floating silt mats feature a 22 oz. PVC material that is equipped to handle contact with water, paint and other debris. Silt mats can be made in sizes as small as 10' x 10' up to 15' x 30' and larger sizes or custom dimensions can be made as requested.

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Floating Containment Silt Mat Technical Specifications

Material Size
22 oz. PVC 10' x 10' x 6"
22 oz. PVC 10' x 15' x 6"
22 oz. PVC 10' x 20' x 6"
22 oz. PVC 10' x 30' x 6"
22 oz. PVC 10' x 40' x 6"
22 oz. PVC 15' x 20' x 6"
22 oz. PVC 15' x 30' x 6"

Floating Silt Barriers for Bridge Repair are one of many options designed to help with the containment of falling debris, tools or paint.

Floating Silt Mat Features

  • 4" Foam Filled Walls
  • 22 oz. Impermeable PVC Fabric
  • Corner Grommets for Anchoring and Installation

Floating Silt Mat Benefits

  • Easy to Move and Install
  • Impermeable Materials Catches All Equipment and Debris
  • Helps Prevent Pollution or Contamination
  • Fits Under Bridges and Dams
  • Fast Installation and Anchoring

Using a Floating Containment Mat as a Silt Barrier

silt barrier for dam repairThe second option for turbidity control and containment around bridges and dams is through the installation of a floating containment mat. Each silt barrier is typically anchored to the shore and then installed around the area of falling debris. Once in place bottom skirts can be pulled up and then anchored to the dam or bridge, which creates a floating containment area that can collect debris and contain falling equipment.

Standard Silt Barrier Design

  • Built-in Flotation Device
  • Bottom Skirt
  • Chains and Sections Connectors
  • Creates a Large Containment Area
  • Meets the Wall Allowing no Particles to Directly Catch Falling Particles
  • Towed into Place
  • Installed Horizontally
  • Skirt Attaches to Dam Wall

Looking for traditional silt barriers for bridge repair? We also offer several standard barriers that can be used in multiple water conditions. These barriers typically come in three styles chosen based on water conditions, site location, and various other factors.

  • Type 1 Barrier: Calm Water Conditions
  • Type 2 Barrier: Medium ort Moderate Water Conditions
  • Type 3 Barriers: Rough Water Conditions

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