Silt Screen for River DredgingMade in the USA by GEI Works

Silt and Turbidity Curtains for Dredging

silt curtains for dredging screen and contain sedimentQuestion: I need 2000 ft of silt screen for river dredging. The river is about six feet to zero inches deep and the silt curtain will be placed on the other side of the sheet piling. Do you have something that could help with application?

Answer: During a dredging or installation project, one of the most commonly used products for silt containment is the Floating Silt Screen (also known as the floating silt barrier or silt curtain). These barriers are designed to operate as an economical flotation device that floats around your dredging area. As silt becomes displaced, the barrier will work to keep materials contained to the area. This prevents contamination due to spreading and provides enough time for silt to settle back down to the bottom.

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Turbidity Curtains for Dredging Projects

type 3 silt curtainsBecause dredging can often cause a high influx of silt and moving water, the most commonly used silt screen for river dredging are the Type 2 and Type 3 Screens. These will be built with the following components:

  • Top Flotation
  • Bottom Skirt
  • Bottom Ballast Chain
  • Tension Cable (stabilization for moving water)

Each section of curtain is designed in a length of either 50 or 100 feet. Standard depth of all curtains is 5 ft, however, skirt depth is often based on the depth of the water in your location. For all curtains, skirt depths are designed to allow the curtain to sit approximately one foot (1 ft.) from the floor in your location.

For more information on turbidity curtains, including different types and requirements, please feel free to check out our curtains by type: Type 2 Curtain, Type 3 Curtain.

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