Silt Curtain for Bulkhead Job Made in the USA by GEI Works

Silt Curtain for Medium Duty Water Conditions

silt curtain for bulkhead jobQuestion: I need a Type 2 Silt Curtain to begin a bulkhead job. The water has a medium current and a small amount of waves. I am wondering if these curtains are in stock and what sizes are available. Is there a standard size that is in stock?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! The Type 2 Silt Curtain is the perfect option for jobs that are involving the water conditions that you have described. These curtains typically have water conditions that are up to 1.5 knots and wave swells up to 36 inches. It is ideal for medium workloads in river and the great lakes. It is compact and can be stored for repeat use. This silt screen is designed to control the dispersion of turbidity in the water column and decrease settling times.

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Standard In Stock Silt Curtains

For our silt curtain product, we do typically keep several curtains in stock for emergencies and quick shipment to your location. Standard section lengths for all of our barriers include lengths of either 50 or 100 feet and a standard depth of 5 feet, although several additional lengths are also available. Anytime you are looking for a product that is in stock, please don't hesitate to give us call. We are more than happy to check with our different facilities to see if the product you need is in stock or quickly available in your location.

silt curtain drawing

Silt Curtain Application

triton silt curtain installationOur silt curtains are designed to help protect vital aquatic habitat such as sea grass beds, aquaculture facilities and spawning areas. This confined settling and silt control allows marine contractors to stay within Federal Clean Water Act and NPDES phase II regulations and avoid fines /shutdowns.

Both the type 2 medium duty and heavy duty curtains have been used for control applications in the following locations:

  • Moving Rivers and Lakes
  • Dredging Operations
  • Marine Construction Activities
  • Control Operations
  • Silt Containment for Jobs
  • Pile Extraction

Questions? We can help. Call us: 1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.