Silt Curtains for Demolition Project

Turbidity and Sediment Control During Construction

silt curtains for demolition projectQuestion: We have a demolition project coming up, and I am looking for information in regards to silt curtains. The project consists of a removal of 750 foot by 35 foot timber pier. The pier was heavily damaged by a fire which will add many challenges for its removal.

We will need enough room for the turbidity barrier to go around the entire site, and we are anticipating the need for a 200 ton crane barge, debris barge as well as tug/pusher boat. The water depths run down to about -40 MLW and the tide range is about 2 feet. What type of floating barriers do you have for this application?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! We do offer many silt curtains that can be used during demolition, construction, piling extraction and other dredging activities. For your location, the best option to go around your entire area would be one of our Type 2 or Type 3 Silt Curtains for Demolition Project. These silt curtains are designed for moving water conditions and will have more robust fabrics to handle water and sediment that needs to be contained.

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How Silt Curtains Work

type 2 silt curtainsIn order to accurately contain all your materials, silt curtains are designed with a top flotation device and bottom skirt that extends down to about one foot from the floor of your water location. All material used on this curtain is made from an impermeable material designed to prevent sediment, silt and other displaced materials from leaving your site.

Components of the silt curtain will include the following:

  • Impermeable Fabrics
  • Top Flotation Device
  • Section Connectors
  • Bottom Steel Ballast Chain
  • Impermeable Skirt

Curtains are equipped to handle several sediment materials as well as debris and other floating containment items.

Additional Silt Curtain Options

pile extraction silt curtainsIn addition to the standard floating turbidity curtain, we also offer several unique silt curtains that may be able to further help with the type of containment you are trying to achieve. Options include:

  • Pile Extraction Barrier: Pile extraction barriers are small curtains that are placed around the entire piling. As the the pile is extracted, skirts will contain all the materials and prevent spreading.
  • Containment Mat: In addition, we also offer a floating containment mat that is built to float on the surface of the water. This is over used during large projects to chat debris, tools and other materials during a demolition project.

For more information on all of our silt curtains, please check out our complete variety of Floating Turbidity Curtains for find the best silt curtains for demolition project.

Questions about silt curtains for demolition? We can help. Call our office at 1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.