Sediment Filter Bags

Dewatering Bags for Stormwater Filtration

sediment filter bagsSediment Filter Bags are low cost solutions for any construction site or work area looking to control pollution from construction runoff or stormwater runoff. Often implemented in areas where sediment basins are impractical, dewatering bags work to filter sediment out of the water before it discharges from your site. This helps to control polluted runoff and prevent unwanted materials from leaving your job site.

Standard bag sizes start at a storage capacity of approximately 1.44 cubic yards (bag size: 6' x 6') and go up to approximately 15 cubic yards (bag size: 15' x 25').

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Taurus Sediment Filter Bag Technical Specifications

Product Flyer Sediment Filter Bags Flyer (PDF)
Installation Guide Installation Instructions (PDF)
Filter Properties
8 oz/yd² @ 80 gpm/ft²
10 oz/yd² @ 60 gpm/ft²
Standard Sizes Capacity Guide**
Cubic Yards/Bag
8 oz. or 10 oz. Nonwoven Geotextile 6' x 6' 1.44
15' x 10' 6
15' x 15' 9.6
15' x 20' 12
15' x 25' 15
*Note: Capacity is estimated only and is intended as guide to users. Volume per bag is dependent on soil composition, site conditions, and use. Information is provided in good faith. Actual field trials are the only true bench mark for site specific results.

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Dewatering Bag Features

Dewatering Bags for filtering sediment

  • Fabric Options:
    • 8 oz. Fabric: 80 gpm/sq. ft.
    • 10 oz. Fabric: 60 gpm/sq. ft.
  • Works with Hose Sizes: 2", 3", or 4"
  • Standard and Custom Sizing

Sediment Filter Bag Placement

filter bagA dewatering filter bag can be placed on several different surfaces depending on your location or dewatering requirements. Bags are often been placed directly on the ground around constructions sites to easily filter out water.

It is not recommended that sediment filter bags be placed on slopes since they may begin to roll as they fill with water. Bags have also been placed in various transportation items such as drop boxes or dump trucks.

To further improve the filtering or dewatering process, bags may also be placed on porous surfaces such as hay bales.

For more information or help calculating what size and how many dewatering bags your project needs please contact our support team.

Taurus Dewatering Bag Uses

sediment containment filter bagAlthough dewatering silt bags are used in many different applications, they are most commonly used to filter runoff or flows on construction sites. This is particularly useful in areas where there is room for retention areas. This helps with stormwater compliance requirements as the sediment filter bags filter out materials before they enter a drain. Another application is using dewatering bags for pond dregding.

  • Construction Site Runoff
  • Lake/Pond Dewatering
  • Lagoon Dewatering
  • Power Plants
  • Waste Water Management Buildings

Questions about a dewatering filter bag? We can help. Call GEI Works at 1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.