Sargassum Barrier

Barriers for Sargassum Control

Question: We are looking for a seaweed/sargassum control barrier. I'm in Antigua in the West Indies. The seaweed has been washing on the hotel and beach front properties. What we are trying to create is a barrier to keep beaches clean and from the seaweed and sargassum at least swimming distance from shore.

Answer: Yes, you can protect your hotel and beach properties with a seaweed/sargassum control barrier. We recommend using the Orion Floating Debris Boom to intercept floating seaweed, sargassum and debris before it reaches your beach. Seaweed control and containment is a common requirement for resorts, hotels, and other shoreline properties that area dealing with invasive sargassum, seaweed and algae. Designed to protect swim areas and shorelines, these boom barriers help prevent the spread of invasive aquatic plants before they flow into the swim area.

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Floating Booms for Sargassum Control

The most commonly used boom for seaweed control is a product known as the Floating Debris Boom. Made with a robust and flexible material, this seaweed control barrier floats along the surface of the water to effectively contain seaweed and prevent the spread of material to a new location.

Sargassum/Seaweed Boom Features

  • Top Flotation: Extends Above the Surface to Control Floating Sargassum and Seaweed
  • Bottom Skirt: Contains Sargassum and Seaweed Beneath the Surface
  • Impermeable Fabric: Blocks Materials from Entering the Areas

Seaweed Boom Models

floating debris boom
  • Calm Water Models: Calm water booms are designed for areas with limited flows and limited wave action. They are commonly used in ponds, lakes and other mild water bodies.
  • Moving Water Models: Moving water booms are a medium level barriers and are used in locations with mild currents and/or waves. Booms will include a bottom ballast and top tension cable for added support.
  • Fast Water Models: Fast water booms are our strongest barriers and are often used on shorelines to help prevent seaweed from spreading.

Advantages to Floating Debris Booms

steel mesh boomThe floating debris boom can offer several advantages to its use that increases control and helps prevent further spreading of unwanted materials. Advantages include:

  • Prevents Sargassum and Seaweed from Contaminating Swim Areas
  • Helps Protect Specific Locations
  • Surrounds Resorts and Hotels
  • Equipped for Long Term Use
  • Color Options: Dark Green, Blue or Black Available to Blend in to the Surrounding Area

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