Round Over Grate Drain Filter

Stormwater Filtration Was Never Easier to Install

Round Over Grate Drain Cover FilterTaurus Round Over Grate Filters are a perfect fit for round storm drain grates! For effective filtration that supports stormwater compliance requirements, a round drain grate opening needs a round over grate drain filter. With GEI Work's patent-pending design – the Taurus Round Over Grate Drain Filter – keeps sediment and debris from storm system inlets affordably, effectively, and with ease. The drain filters are long-lasting, easy to install, and can also be used for stormwater mosquito control. Available in the traditional rectangular shape, and also as round storm drain covers , Taurus Over Grate Drain Filters have been designed and field-tested to fit your demands for performance.

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Benefits of Taurus Over Grate Drain Filters

Round Over Grate Drain Cover FilterTaurus Over Grate Drain Filter's patent-pending design incorporates two filters and an internal support structure in one self-contained, rugged, and low-profile unit. These durable storm drain covers help you comply with local and federal storm water regulations while reducing pollutants entering waterways. For additional details, please see: Taurus Over Grate Filter (PDF).

Better Filtration
Sized to fit the round drain grate, Taurus Round Over Grate Filters provide reliable stormwater filtration that you can count on.

  • Fits securely and tightly to the drain grate, preventing debris and trash from entering and blocking the catch basin and polluting the storm water systems.

  • Filters turbid stormwater before it enters the storm drain, with our superior field-tested design.

  • Available with an optional overflow window, this provides a quick filter feature for use when stormwater levels are excessive.

Cost Savings
Made to last, this round drain cover for debris and stormwater filtration, is rugged and will enjoy a long use-life out in the field. That equates to cost savings for you, by reducing replacement costs. Furthermore, as no heavy equipment or grate lifter is needed for installation, you gain additional cost savings by reducing equipment, manpower, and transportation costs. It also can save you from expensive maintenance costs needed when drains get clogged.

Round Grate Drain Cover RemovalFast and Easy to Install
Installation couldn't be easier (or faster) with our quick-connect system. Keeping workers' time in mind, we developed the Taurus Round Over Grate Filter. Due to its quick-connect installation system, our design minimizes the time needed to set up. No skilled labor is required for installation. One person can easily install a Taurus over grade drain filter in just a matter of minutes.

No More Lifting Heavy Drain Grates
Most stormwater drain filters in the industry require either heavy equipment (such as a forklift) or a drain grate lifter for installation. This can present safety dangers for your workers, reduces staff productivity, and can be costly to move and maintain the necessary equipment.

With the Taurus Round Over Grate Drain Filter, the need to lift heavy drain grates has been eliminated. Simply put, our filters are installed from above the grate, with the filter fitting tightly over the round grate and drain.

Low Profile and Street-Sweeper Friendly
Taurus Round Over Grate Storm Drain Covers are low-profile and fit tightly and securely to the drain grate, ensuring effective stormwater filtration. With this perfect fit, the overlap that happens when using a rectangular drain filter for round storm drain grates is eliminated. Such overlap is troublesome in that it not only causes the potential stormwater filtration failure, but also exposes the loose edges of the storm drain filter to traffic (which damages the drain filter and greatly shortens its field-use life). Because they are designed to fit perfectly to the size and shape of the storm drain, Taurus Round Over Grate Storm Drain Covers are street sweeper, traffic, and pedestrian-friendly.

Taurus Round Over Grate Filters fit snugly, without the troublesome overlap that happens when using traditional rectangular drain filters for round storm drain grates.

Over Grate Drain Cover FilterCan be Custom Made
Choose between rectangular, square, or round over grate designs, between high-visibility or low-visibility models, and also whether to include the overflow window.

Mosquito ControlSupports Stormwater Mosquito Control
Stormwater mosquito control is becoming an increased focus for stormwater compliance, given the recent growth of disease-bearing mosquito populations in heavily populated areas. The Taurus Over Grate Storm Drain Filter helps to prevent mosquitoes from entering drain systems to reproduce. It also prevents existing hatches from exiting the drains.

Made with Pride in the USA, by GEI Works
GEI Works, Inc. manufactures its Stormwater BMP products for your project's success. Our goal is to make quality products that provide practical and economical solutions for the challenges in today's construction compliance workplace. We're always open to new ideas that will solve the challenges you face in the field. Please don't hesitate to share any such challenges or ideas with us!

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