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reefing linesReefing Lines allow for easy adjustment of the depth of your turbidity curtain as it adapts to changing water levels and containment requirements. Reefing or furling lines are often added to turbidity curtains that feature an extended skirt or depths that will be adjusting over time. Correct usage of marine accessories will help protect your investment in a turbidity curtain barrier. See our Floating Barrier Accessories (PDF).

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Standard Reefing Line Sizing

Standard sizing for the furling lines can be seen in the table listed below. Line sizes may vary depending on your specific curtain and the amount required to raise the bottom of the skirt. Options can be seen below:

Sizing and Specifications
5/16" Black Poly Twisted Rope (up to 15 ft.)
5/16" Black Poly Twisted Rope (up to 30 ft.)
5/16" Black Poly Twisted Rope (31 ft. or more)

Rope will be placed into the curtain, allowing customers to tie up the skirt to a shorter depth.

When to Use Reefing Lines

furling linesReefing lines or turbidity curtain furling lines are used any time the depth of the water in the area will be changing or varying over time. While they can be used with floating boom with longer skirts, they are most commonly used with Turbidity Curtains that feature extended depths in the water.

For example, after flooding of the Mississippi River, a large scour hole was formed directly adjacent to a historic water area. In order to fill the scour hole, a turbidity curtain was placed between the two areas to protect the historic area from displaced silt. As the hole was filled, the water level of the hole was also rising. Thus, a furling line was implemented to adjust the bottom of the skirt as the hole was filled.

These reefing lines can be additionally implemented in areas where the contours of the water area vary in depth.

Additional Accessory Options

In addition to this adjusting line, we also offer other floating boom and curtain accessories including the following:

  • Anchor Kits (Buoy, Anchor, Painter Line)
  • Anchors
  • Buoys
  • Standard and HD Tidal Compensators
  • Floating Marker Lights

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If you have questions about furling lines, give us a call at 1-772-646-0597 or request a price quote.