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Floating Piling Protectors Catch Debris and More

piling protectionAs alternative to the traditional turbidity curtain, these piling protection barriers are designed specifically for placement around pilings during extraction, cleaning, or repair. Piling barriers are made from an impermeable fabric and fit neatly around your piling to collect and catch items as they fall.

Due to their robust fabric and floating ability, these piling barriers have been used to collect a wide range of items include paint, moss, growth, and other potential contaminants.

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Barriers for Piling Work Features

  • 6" Flotation Device
  • Standoff Pockets
  • Laced Floats/Skirts
  • Containment Skirt
  • Bottom Draw String
  • Corner Rings (for anchoring the device)

Piling protectors work by fitting closely around pylons to contain products as they leave the pylon, bridge or repair area. The goal is keep all items safely contained within the piling area, preventing the spread of potentially harmful items such as paint or mold. Draw strings located on the bottom of the barrier can be pulled to fit the barrier to the pylon.

Piling Protectors Sizing and Specifications

piling protectionLike many of our turbidity or silt barriers, sizing for these products will vary depending on the conditions of your water location. Most barriers are designed specifically based on the diameter of pylon, allowing the system to be built to meet your specifications and containment requirements.

The image below shows a typical view of your barrier from the top. As you can see, three of the four corners feature the anchor rings. Also visible is a laced portion. All barriers will come with a slit that goes through both the skirt and flotation area. This slit will need to be laced up to keep the area completely contained.

If space is desired between the piling and the barrier, corners of the unit typically contain rings that can be used as anchor points. This will keep the barrier specifically spaced from the pylon in your area. View more information on Piling Protection Barriers (pdf).

Silt Barrier Options

Triton floating turbidity barrierIn addition to this barrier, we also offer several standard barriers that can contain and control silt in rivers, lakes, and even several off shore areas. These barriers are offered in three different types and are chosen based on your area conditions. Options include:

  • Type 1 Floating Barrier (calm water)
  • Type 2 Floating Barrier (moving water)
  • Type 3 Floating Barrier (offshore areas)

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