Marine Accessories

Essential Equipment for Floating Silt Barriers and Boom

Our marine accessories can be used with any floating silt barriers, debris boom, or oil containment barrier products. They help with silt barrier installation by providing towing equipment, anchoring kits, and the option of standard or HD tidal compensators for areas with tides or changing water heights. Each marine accessory is designed to help with a specific portion of the barrier installation process. Please view the information below to see how these products can be used and implemented with your barrier.

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Floating Silt Barrier Anchoring Systems

silt barrier installationOne of the most frequently used accessories for silt barrier installation is the Marine Anchor Kit which includes:

  • Anchors
  • Anchoring Lines
  • Buoy

The typical process is to attach the anchor to the buoy, then attach the buoy to the silt barrier. This helps to keep the barrier in its desired location without stretching it out or putting additional pressure directly on the barrier itself.

Tow Bridle

tow bridles during installationAnother common accessory is the Towing Bridle. This device is designed to attach to the end of a barrier to help distribute weight during a towing or deployment process. Bridles may also include a small flotation to prevent them from getting lost in the towing process.

Reefing Lines

reefing linesWhen adjustment of the bottom curtain is required, Reefing Lines are an ideal choice! Made from a black, poly twisted rope design, these adjustment lines are built into the bottom of the skirt to help raise and lower the bottom depth. This can be used in locations where the bottom contour of the ground varies or in areas expecting to see changes in the water depth.

Tidal Compensator for Moving Water

Tidal CompensatorThe Tidal Compensator is a unique accessory designed specifically for areas that are experiencing tides or changing water heights. The adjuster connects directly to both a vertical structure, such as a pier or dock, and the boom or barrier. As water levels change, the tidal compensator will move up down bringing the barrier with it, allowing boom and barriers to adjust to changing waters. Depending on the water conditions, either standard compensators (pictured to the right) or the sturdier HD compensators are available.

Silt Barrier Marine Accessory Applications

Marine accessories can be used with any of our floating barriers including:

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