Lake Applications for Silt Barriers Made in the USA by GEI Works

FAQ: Will silt barriers help settle particles of 20 microns?


lake silt barriersAnswer: Hello. I am looking for lake silt barriers or some type of barrier that I can use in a lake. I will be adding lime to a lake to help precipitate metals and I was wondering if one of your silt curtains would be able to stop this kind of particle. The particle would be about 20 micron size. The curtain should be about 50 ft. in depth.

Question: Thank you for contacting us! In order to stop or control the silt in your area, the silt barrier is typically constructed from an impermeable fabric. This fabric is designed to block or contain silt and prevent spreading into the surrounding areas. This means that your particle should be successfully contained, regardless of the size.

However, if you will be using this silt curtain in an area where there is any kind of flow, you do run of the risk of some particles flowing beneath the barrier. Silt barriers are typically sized to sit about one foot from the bottom of your water location to help prevent unnecessary build-up and strain on your barrier.

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Type 1 Silt Barrier Features

turbidity curtain drawing

The Type 1 Silt Barrier is designed for calm water locations, such as swales, canals, small ponds, small lakes, or inner harbors. If you are considering this barrier, the intended location should have calm water conditions and hardly any wind. This will allow your barrier to provide ideal conditions for controlling silt and other small particles. The turbidity barrier is designed to help provide a fully contained area for controlling these types of particles. Features for this barrier include:

Fabric: These lake silt barriers are typically constructed using a impermeable fabric material. This is designed to block and contain particles to a specific area. Permeable fabric is also available for locations that have a high flow or require some permeability to the control area.

Marine Grade Flotation: The flotation used for this barrier typically measures six inches in sizes and is designed to hold up in marine and various other water conditions. Sizing of the top flotation can varying and is typically designed to work with the depth of your barrier.

Depths: Silt curtain depths are built to match your site location and can range anywhere from 3 to 100 feet. Barriers are typically speced to sit just above the floor of your water location (approximately one foot).

Section Sizes: Sections of the turbidity barrier come in standard lengths of 50 or 100 feet. When dealing with large depths, such as the 50 ft depth you requested, 50 foot sections can be easier to handle and can cause less hassle during deployment.

Other Silt Barrier Types

Triton silt curtain custom built to specsIf your water location is dealing with any kind of wind or water velocity, the Type 2 or Type 3 Silt Barrier can be a better option. These lake silt barriers are designed specifically to handle moving water and contain thicker fabrics to handle this type of silt or turbidity pressure.

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