Type 2 Turbidity Curtain for Rivers Made in the USA by GEI Works

FAQ: What type of turbidity curtain is for river projects?

Triton turbidity curtain for use in riversQuestion: I am working on a dredging project in a river with slight waves. Is the Type 2 exclusively used in rivers? Is this the only option for control in my location?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! The Type 2 Turbidity Curtain can be used in rivers, though it is not exclusive to this type of containment.

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Types of Turbidity Curtain, Uses & Applications

  • Type 1: The type 1 turbidity curtain is often the choice for locations that are dealing with calm or still waters. This could be any area in need of containment where there is not moving waters or waves.

  • Type 2: The type 2 turbidity curtain is the medium-duty barrier and can be used in rivers where there are moving water and waves. These barriers are typically used in locations with water speeds up to 1 knot and waves up to 2 feet.

  • Type 3: The type 3 turbidity curtain is the strongest barrier option available and is used for the most demanding applications. This can includes rivers with high water flows, high waves or a significant amount of sediment.

In order to determine the best option for your location, we would need to know how fast your water is moving and how high the waves are in your area. In addition, it would also be helpful to know a little more about your project, such as the planned duration and sediment needing containment.

If your water conditions are higher than those intended for the Type 2 Silt Barrier (above 1.5 knots or above 3 foot high waves), we may recommend using the type 3 curtain instead.

Turbidity Curtain and Site Conditions

Anytime you are choosing a turbidity curtain for containment in your location, there Triton turbidity curtain installationare a couple of different factors to consider. These will typically include:

  • Wind Conditions (speed, direction)
  • Water Conditions (speed, tides, wave height, etc.)
  • Project Information (duration, type)
  • Sediment (type and amount needing to be contained)

For more information, check out our Turbidity Curtain page.

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