Installing Silt Barrier Across Flows Made in the USA by GEI Works

Silt Barrier Installation Tip

silt barrier installationQuestion: I was told that you cannot install a silt barrier across channel flows. Is this true?

Answer: Yes, it is true that the best configuration follows the rule of installing the Silt Barrier parallel to the flow rather than across it. This is because installing this barrier across the flow can cause tearing and breaking if there is too much pressure on the curtain.

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Silt Barrier Installation: Exception to the Rule

While installation of the barrier parallel to the flow is the standard rule of thumb, there is, however, one exception. When there is a danger of creating a silt buildup in the middle of the watercourse, which would block access or create a sandbar, it is actually recommended that you DO install the silt barrier across the channel flow.

In order to avoid problems during installation across the channel, it is recommended that the curtain be installed by forming a very long-sided, sharp "V". This type of installation will deflect clean water around a work site, confine a significant portion of the silt-laden water to the work area inside the V, and direct more of the silt towards the shoreline.

Please keep in mind that the silt barrier cannot ever be installed completely perpendicular to the water current.

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