Debris Barriers for Hydroelectric Power Plants

USA - Made Debris & Safety Boom Options

Hydroelectric Power Plant Debris Barrier

We proudly make products that work. Whether you're concerned about promoting watercraft safety around your facility, or barriers for protecting your HEPP (Hydroelectric Power Plant) from floating debris, we take being your solution provider seriously. Well-built, rugged, and effective, floating debris barriers by GEI Works provide the assurance you're looking for.

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Floating Debris Barriers for Hydroelectric Power Plants

When it comes to debris mitigation strategies for hydroelectric power plants, often the first line of defense relies on using a barrier designed to address floating debris. Without this floating debris barrier, equipment can be damaged and production significantly impacted. Avoid costly shut-downs and repairs by taking preventative measures to control floating debris.

While we can make floating debris barrier to custom specs, the primary options for controlling floating debris are:

The style and configuration of the barrier needed will also depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Placement and location of the barrier
  • Expected length of service for the barrier
  • Water current strength and tidal action
  • Type of waterway and amount of public exposure
  • Volume and type of typical debris experienced
  • Occurrence of submerged debris
  • Frequency of inspection and maintenance
  • Purpose of the floating debris barrier (will the floating debris barrier be used to retain debris, block it or deflect it?)

No matter the requirements, we'll work with you to help you implement your hydroelectric power plant's debris management plan efficiently and affordably.

Aquatic Plant Containment Boom

Aquatic Plant Containment BoomAttracted to water temperatures near hydroelectric power plants, aquatic plant invasions like duckweed, water hyacinth and others, can be a troublesome nuisance. When not addressed, expanding colonies of aquatic plants can block water flow, effectively damming these critical intake (or outflow) areas. Orion Aquatic Plant Containment Boom by GEI Works is an effective way to keep these plants at bay and protect clear-flowing waterways.

Safety Boom and Restricted Access Boom

Public safety is also an important part of a hydroelectric power plant's risk management program. Whether used for safety or to denote restricted access areas, floating boom can be used for demarcation. Choose from a variety of attention-getting colors, fabric weights, flotation sizes, and fixtures to meet your safety boom and restricted access boom specifications.

Floating Barrier Marine Accessories

Anchoring for your floating barrier is critical not only to the success of your project, but also protecting your investment. We can help you determine the proper placement of anchors – just call us for assistance.

Additional accessories such as reefing lines and tow bridles can help make installation easier. Installation services are also available.

Floating Debris & Safety Boom
Floating Debris and Safety Boom
Floating Steel Mesh Barrier
type 2 turbidity curtain
Orion Aquatic Plant Barrier
silt barrier for dredging

Questions? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your project's requirements.