Floating Turbidity Barrier

Finding the Right Silt Control for Your Project

floating turbidity barrierThe Floating Turbidity Barrier is a high strength barrier designed to control floating silt or turbidity during various jobs or containment requirements. When choosing a turbidity barrier model for your location, several different conditions are typically considered to help determine the best type for your area.

In general, all floating barriers will feature a top flotation device, marine grade section components, and bottom skirt. The standard depths for these skirts will typically be 5 ft. deep with available options ranging anywhere from 3 ft. to 100 ft. depending on the depth of water in your location.

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Choosing a Turbidity Curtain

turbidity curtainAs mentioned above, choosing a turbidity barrier model will depend on several different site and water conditions. In general, any time we are considering a barrier for a customer's location, we typically ask for information regarding the following conditions:

  • Will this barrier be used in a calm or moving water location? If moving, how fast is the current in your location?
  • Are there any waves in your location? If so, how high and how often?
  • What is the depth of the water in your location?
  • What type of project?
  • What type of materials will you be containing? What quantity of materials will need to be contained?
  • Is there any wind, waves, or other elements that may influence the barrier?
  • Will the barrier need to meet DOT specifications?

Once we know a little bit more about the project in your location, we will be able to provide you with barrier types or options that may be able to work for your location.

Floating Turbidity Barrier Models

silt barriersAs a general guideline, the floating turbidity curtain is made three different types known as the Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 Curtain. Within each of these types will be a couple of different models that may include economy, DOT, heavy duty, and permeable. A general overview of the different types can be seen below:

  • Type 1: Calm waters with no waves and a no current.

  • Type 2: Moving water with a flow up to 1 knot and wave swells up to two feet (2')

  • Type 3: Fast moving or rough waters with a flow greater up to 1.5 knots and wave swells up to two feet (2')

Note: For shallow (less than 30 inches deep), calm water, Staked Turbidity Barrier is a good choice. Manufactured from impermeable fabric, it provides turbidity control, is easy to install, ships quickly, and is available to you at a great price.

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