Floating Trash Boom for Lake

Debris Boom for Litter and Debris Control in Lakes

debris boom for collecting floating trashQuestion: I am looking for a floating trash boom for lake usage. I need a floating boom that can control small debris, trash, and other items that may begin to float around the lake. The area is a frequent spot for visitors and they often leave trash around which then falls into the lake. We are trying to limit the amount of contamination. Do you have this product?

Answer: Thank you for contacting GEI Works! For trash and debris control in lakes, a great option would be the Floating Debris Boom. This debris boom is designed with a top flotation device and bottom steel ballast chain that allows the barrier to control debris both on top of the water and under the water in various locations. This standard debris boom is ideal for the type of debris containment you have specified and is often placed as a barrier for small floating items, garbage, litter, and small timbers.

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Debris Boom Specifications

The floating trash boom is designed for a high level of debris control and is often used in lakes, ponds, and marinas to control the flow of debris and prevent further contamination. Features that help to control debris include:

Debris Boom
  • PVC Material
  • Foam Filled Flotation Collar (4", 6" or 8")
  • ASTM Universal Slide Connector
  • Galvanized Steel Ballast Chain
  • Freeboard
  • Debris Control Skirt
  • Lengths: 10, 25, 50, or 100 feet
  • Optional Tension Cable

With this variety of safety and support features, the trash boom can be easily implemented in lakes, ponds, rivers, and more. The floating trash boom for lake usages is typically equipped with materials well adapted to handle constant use in water areas as well as contact with several different materials.

Debris Boom Deployment

floating trash boom Since you mentioned that your main concern is control from the shores of your lake, the best option would be for you to deploy this floating barrier along your shore line. This will allow the trash boom to function as a type of barrier.

Once in place, debris items can be cleaned up through the use of trash skimmers, vacuum trailers, or harvesters. However, due to the location of your trash boom, debris is likely to wash back up onto your shores allows you to clean up the debris as it washes up.

Other Trash Booms

Steel Mesh Boom for floating trash and debrisIn addition to this standard floating barrier, we also offer several other trash booms including a permanent control model, a steel mesh barrier, and a trash net boom that can additionally control items underneath the surface of the water.

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