Floating Silt Fence Type 1

Contractor and Economy Floating Silt Fence

type 1 floating silt fence The Type 1 Floating Silt Fence (also known as silt curtain or floating barriers) is a low-cost calm water sediment control barrier. Floating barriers are designed for use in shallow ponds, ditches, canals, lakes and streams.

Triton Type 1 floating silt curtains provide reliable sediment and turbidity control for sensitive areas, help sites stay in compliance, and are available in Contractor and Economy grades.

Type 1 DOT Silt Barrier is great for construction, remediation and dredging projects. Floating barriers are used on marine construction projects, bridge construction and construction sites. turbidity barriers can be quickly installed and can redeployed.

They feature 13 oz. PVC and grommets along the depth of the skirt for easy connection and installation.

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Type 1 Floating Silt Fence Typical Specifications

Product Triton Type 1 Contractor Triton Type 1 Economy
Contractor Product Flyer
Drawing (PDF)
Economy Product Flyer
Drawing (PDF)
Installation Guide (PDF)
Flotation 4" Float 6" Float (<10' D)
8" Float (11'-20' D)
Fabric 13 oz. Impermeable PVC Fabric 13 oz. Impermeable PVC Fabric
Section Connectors Grommet Connectors Grommet Connectors
Bottom Chain 3/16" Heavy Ballast Chain 3/16" Heavy Ballast Chain
Standard Length 25', 50', or 100' 50' or 100'
Depth 3' to 10' 3' to 20'

Marine Accessories for Anchoring and Installation Include:

Floating Silt Fence Accessories (PDF) - Protect your floating turbidity barriers!
Anchor Kits: Anchor, Painter Rope, Buoy, Chain
Tow Bridle: Helps distribute load during towing.
Reefing Lines: Provides greater control of the curtains depth.
Tidal Compensator: Automatically compensates for

Additional Type 1 Silt Barrier Models

floating turbidity barrierFor certain locations a more robust silt barrier design is required to effectively keep silt contained. For these areas DOT floating silt fences (18 oz PVC) are also available. For more demanding water areas a Type 2 or Type 3 curtain might be required. GEI Works can manufacture turbidity curtains to meet the specific needs of your project.

Type 1 Contractor Curtain Applications

  • Swales
  • Small Ponds
  • Calm Lakes
  • Low Flowing Canals

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Silt Curtains for Moving Water

type 3 turbidity curtainFor areas with currents, waves, tides, or wind, our moving water silt curtains are a higher strength option. Made with added tension cables, bottom chains, and heavy duty PVC, these turbidity barriers are able to maintain silt control against moving elements.

Silt Curtain Models for Moving Water:

How to Choose the Right Floating Silt Fence?

In order to choose the right barrier for your application, please take the following information into consideration:

  • Water Velocity
  • Height of Waves
  • Site Conditions
  • Type of Sediment to Contain
  • Length of the Project
  • Wind Speed and Direction

open water silt curtainWhile silt barriers come in standard sizes and lengths, they are also extremely adaptable. Curtains have been made with depths as short as three feet (3') and as long as one hundred feet (100').

Types of Floating Turbidity Curtains

GEI Works is committed to finding the right solution for your project. We work with customers to find the best silt curtain model for any location. We work closely with contractors, engineers, owners, regulators, and citizen groups to provide comprehensive and state of the art erosion prevention and turbidity control solutions.

For assistance with turbidity control or questions about the Type 1 Silt Barrier, please call our customer service team at 1-772-646-0597 or contact us.