Floating Silt Boom

Floating Silt and Turbidity Control

Floating Silt Boom Barrier for containing sedimentThe silt boom or silt barrier is a floating containment barrier designed to contain and control silt in a water location. Booms have included several different styles and components depending on the project and water location where they are being used.

Designed in a similar style to our other floating booms, these items feature a top floatation device and impermeable PVC material. This helps control the flow and spread of materials in your location.

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Floating Silt Containment Boom Styles

While the typical design of the floating silt boom is similar to a debris or oil boom, the silt boom will have a different length in terms of the skirt. Due to the complexity and settling time for silt, these booms will feature a skirt that extends down toward the bottom of the water area. This helps contain silt throughout the water location until it has had enough time to settle back

Silt Boom in water
Silt Containment Booms are available in three standard models:

Choosing the right boom for your location will often be dependent on the construction project and water conditions in your location. Areas with a limited flow will typically use models like the Type 1, while areas with moving water conditions will use the Type 2 or Type 3. These models feature additional tension cables and components for areas needing to contain silt in moving conditions.

Typical Floating Silt Boom Components

anchoring kit for silt boom

  • Slide Connectors
  • Grommet Section Ties
  • Steel Ballast Chain
  • Impermeable PVC Fabric
  • Top Marine Grade
  • Standard Section Lengths: 50 or 100 ft.
  • Available Depths: 3-100 ft.
  • Accessories: anchoring, tow-bridles, and more

When determining a silt barrier to use in any silt or turbidity control area, it is always good to take your entire area conditions into consideration. Typical information to assess include:

    floating silt boom

  • Water Velocity
  • Height & Frequency of Waves
  • Speed and Direction of Wind
  • Tides
  • Type of Silt to Contain
  • Length of Project

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