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Silt Barriers for Dredging Operations

Question: Hello, I am looking for a dredging silt barrier I can use for dredging in a river. I need approximately 3,000 ft and a depth of 6 ft. Do you offer anything for these requirements?

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Answer: Thank you for contacting us! For dredging activities, customers typically use a Type II Silt Barrier or Type III turbidity barrier. These barriers come in the standard length of either 50 or 100 foot sections and can be made with a depth anywhere from 3 to 100 feet. Both turbidity curtains are made in a heavy duty and economy style design.

Choosing your dredging silt barrier can depend on a variety of different site conditions, including wind speed, water velocity, waves, duration of project, and the type of sediment you will be containing.

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Type II Silt Barrier

The Type II Silt Barrier is ideal for medium workloads and site conditions. It has been designed to handle moving water conditions and has often been implemented in rivers, marine construction jobs, and even pile driving activities.

Standard features found on this type of barrier include:

  • silt barrier, floating silt curtain, silt curtain, silt protectorMarine Grade Flotations (size can vary depending on skirt depth)
  • Universal Connectors
  • Reinforced Impermeable or Permeable PVC Fabric
  • Bolt Rope Reinforced Grommet Section Ties
  • Steel Ballast Chain

As mentioned before, this barrier is available in both a DOT and Heavy Duty Style. The heavy-duty barrier meets DOT standards but is equipped for heavy duty sediment control. These barrier are typically recommended for maximum conditions of 1.5 knots and 36" wave swells.

Type III Silt Barrier

If your project will be in particularly demanding or rough water conditions, or if you will controlling a high amount of contaminated or heavy sediment, the Type III Turbidity Curtain can be a great option. These barriers are our heaviest and strongest units.

Dregding Silt Barrier Features

  • floating silt boomMarine Grade Flotation
  • Reinforced Impermeable or Permeable Fabric
  • Universal Connectors
  • Bolt Rope Reinforced Grommet Section Ties
  • Steel Ballast Chain

Other available features on the heavy-duty barrier:

  • Skirt Filter Panel
  • Furling Lines for Multiple Deployments

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