NYDOT Turbidity Barrier Made in the USA by GEI Works

DOT-Compliant Turbidity Barrier for Sale

turbidity barrierQuestion: Do you sell New York DOT Turbidity Barrier? I have a dredging project in New York coming up and wonder if you sell a turbidity barrier that meets DOT standards?

Answer:We do sell several different Turbidity Barriers that are designed to meet or exceed DOT requirements in most states. Depending on your water conditions, different turbidity barriers may work better than others at meeting your containment requirements.

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Turbidity Barrier Options

As with all of our turbidity barriers, DOT curtain options are chosen based specifically on your water conditions. A majority of our turbidity curtains are designed for DOT applications, allowing you to safely use them in your New York location.

Calm Water Conditions

For calm water applications, the best option would be one of our Type 1 DOT Silt Barrier. These curtains are built with robust impermeable fabrics that allow them to hold up to DOT required project applications.

Moving Water Conditions

If your dredging project is in moderate water conditions, we would recommend that you use one of our Type 2 Silt Barrier. These water barriers are manufactured for medium workloads where water conditions are mild with wave swells less than 36 inches. Examples of these types of water conditions include intercoastal waterways, harbors, and any water source where the water is moving.

Demanding Water Conditions

For water conditions that exceed 36" swells, we would recommend you use the Type 3 Silt Barrier. These water curtains are great for rough waters where keeping your barrier secured to the ground might be an issue due to frequent waves or intense water movement.

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