Containment Boom

Debris Boom, Oil Boom, Aquatic Plant Boom and More

Debris and Oil Containment Boom are floating barriers designed to contain and control pollutants and aquatic plants such as oil, debris, seaweed, hyacinth, timber, leaves, trash and plastic rubbish. Available in models that can accommodate calm water, moving water and fast/open water, a containment boom works to prevent the spread of plastic pollution, marine debris, and other materials in almost any area.

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Containment Boom for Trash and Debris

Trash Net Boom
Trash net boom
Permanent Debris Boom
floating boom

Steel Mesh Boom
debris screens

Standard Debris Boom
standard debris booms

Oil Containment Boom and Absorbent Boom

Oil Containment Boom
oil spill cleanup

Questions? We can help. Call us: 1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.

Floating Boom Barrier Choices

Containment boom can be made for a variety of water conditions. Regardless of whether you're using a debris barrier, oil spill boom or turbidity curtain, taking your water conditions into account is an important step in determining the right marine boom for your location. Factors you will want to consider typically include:

Trash and Debris Boom Variety

trash and debris booms Our containment boom range is varied and diverse to help keep trash contained to your site. Models are made from PVC, steel or HDPE, depending on what type of containment is needed. For example, if you have a problem dealing with plastic pollution in your waterways, then a containment boom is the tool you need to contain debris.
Some of the trash and garbage debris that a containment boom can capture includes: cigarette butts, shopping bags, plastic bottles, disposable masks, disposable nitrile gloves, trash bags, and many other types of rubbish, trash, and plastic pollution. Please check out the list below to help choose the best trash boom for your location:

  • Debris and Trash Net Boom - Created as a floating net, it can be used to control trash and debris, or prevent aquatic life and jellyfish from entering certain intake areas. Great for underwater pollution control, the trash net boom will contain disposable utensils, soda bottles, plastic packaging and plastic pollution and waste that ends up in the water.
  • Permanent Booms - One of the highest strength options for trash and debris containment. These booms feature HDPE floats that create a robust containment area around your materials.
  • Steel Trashmesh Floating Debris Barrier - Made with steel so slightly larger or heavier litter can be properly contained.
  • Debris Boom - A dependable trash and debris boom designed to contain floatable trash, small timbers, and aquatic plants. This marine boom can be used for either short or long-term pollution management.

Containment Boom Specification Pages

Containment and Absorbent Marine Booms

For containment of oil and hydrocarbons, GEI Works offers both a standard floating containment boom and an oil absorbent boom. Both products feature a flexible shape that allows them to curve around spills and leaks.

  • Standard Oil Booms- A classic containment boom often used in large spill clean up activities. These oil booms will hold oil to a site until skimmers and other clean up methods are underway.

Containment Booms to Capture Trash in Your Location

floating containment boomA floating containment boom is often used as a control device around floating materials or in front of areas that need to be protected from potential contaminants. Depending on your location and protection requirements, a containment boom can be installed in various manners to direct or block items.

Booms can be installed along shorelines to direct debris for easy cleanup. A containment boom can also be installed across intake openings to prevent unwanted items, like plastic rubbish and garbage, from entering.

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