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Silt Barriers for Construction Sites

construction silt barrierQuestion: Hi, I am looking for construction silt barrier, one that can be spec'd around the boat ramp in construction areas. I will probably need a Type 1 DOT. The plans I have call for approximately 1,000 feet of curtain to extend within 12" of the bottom of the lake. Do you offer a product like this?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! Depending on the water conditions surrounding your boat ramp, the Type 1 DOT Silt Barrier can be an excellent choice for turbidity and sediment control. Designed as a cost effective control method, the Type 1 Barrier is intended for use in calm water conditions where there is no current or waves to cause additional force to the barrier system.

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Type I Silt Barrier

type 1 silt barrierThe Type I DOT Barrier is a cost effective way to control turbidity, sediment, and silt that build up during construction projects. Constructed specifically to help keep you in compliance, these barriers are built to meet or exceed most state DOT requirements.

Common features found on this Type 1 DOT Barrier include the following:

  • 6" Marine Grade Flotation
  • 18 oz. Reinforced Impermeable PVC
  • Bolt Force Reinforced Grommet Section Ties
  • 1/4" Galvanized Steel Ballast Chain
  • Standard Lengths: 50' or 100'
  • Depths: Range from 3' to 100'

As mentioned before, the type 1 barrier is designed for calm water applications. If you require turbidity control in moving water areas, please check out either the Type 2 Silt Barrier (medium conditions) or the Type 3 Silt Barrier (rough conditions).

Since you have mentioned the need for 1,000 feet of barrier, this length can be acquired through multiple sections being connected together to form your desired length. These sections are typically combined during the silt barrier installation process.

The list below shows the standard steps recommended for a turbidity barrier installation.

  • Using a shackle or snap hook, attach the bottom chain of one silt barrier section to the bottom chain of the next section.
  • Next, find the grommet eye on each of two adjacent sections and align the eyes together. With a rope tie or heavy duty zip tie, tie these two grommet eyes together. Repeat for the entire length of the barrier.
  • After this, the construction silt barrier can be towed into position. To ease the towing process, the turbidity barrier can be furled or reefed up to the flotation by tying a reefing line around the flotation log. This makes the barrier easier to maneuver and allows it to more easily fall into position.

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