Floating Silt Screen for Erosion Control

Floating Turbidity Silt Screens

Question: Can I use a floating turbidity silt screen for erosion control? I am looking for something to help prevent erosion on my construction site. Is the silt screen the right product for this type of application?

Answer: The Silt Screen, also known as a Silt Barrier, can refer to two different types of barriers, one for land and one for water. While these turbidity curtain barriers will differ in their construction, both can be effectively used as a form of sediment containment on a construction site. Please see the information below to determine the right silt screen barrier for your location.

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Silt Screen Barriers: Erosion Control for Land-Based Applications

If your erosion control requirements are primarily on land, there are a couple of land-based silt screen products you may want to consider.

  • staked silt barrierStaked Silt Barrier: For locations dealing with a higher water flow, the staked silt screen barrier can be a reliable option. Made from impermeable 22 oz. PVC fabric, these barriers are able to hold sediment while also redirecting water flows.

By placing either of these products along the perimeter of your location, sediment and silt is allowed to build up and remain contained rather than flow off the site. This helps to keep silt at your site and prevent further erosion in your location. It can also help control storm water pollution from runoff materials entering your storm drain.

Floating Turbidity Silt Screens for Water-Based Applications

If there is a significant concern on your site that erosion will cause displaced sediment or suspended solids in an adjacent water body, a Floating Silt Screen can be a reliable option. These floating turbidity curtains are installed around construction areas or shorelines to contain sediment until floating materials have enough time to settle. Components of the floating silt barrier include the following:silt barriers

  • 50 ft. or 100 ft. Sections
  • Top Foam to Contain Surface Materials
  • Bottom Skirt to Keep Sediment in a Contained Area
  • Permeable Options for Filtration Requirements

The standard design of the silt barrier prepares it for use in sediment containment and increased settling times.

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