Barriers for Silt Control

Silt Control in Dam by Hydro Power Plant

Triton Silt Control Floating BarrierQuestion: I am interested in your barriers for silt control. I need to use a turbidity curtain that can stop silt in the dam of a hydro power plant. I am specifically interested in learning what size particles the barriers are capable of containing. Would the Type 2 barrier be capable of containing particles of a micron size?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! The Type 2 Silt Barrier can work for your water conditions and silt containment depending on the flow of water in your location. Typically, a type 2 barrier would be used to contain silt in moving waters but not locations with rough or extreme water flows. These barriers are equipped to handle mild heights, mild waves, and a medium water flow.

The standard silt/turbidity barrier design includes the use of an impermeable fabric. This means that regardless of size, a majority of the particles on your site should be able to be contained within this barrier. The barrier is designed to sit at a height of approximately one foot from your water floor, allowing some water to pass through while containing a majority of the silt.

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Silt Barrier Choices

Triton floating silt barriers for job site complianceWhen choosing a barrier to control the silt and turbidity in your location, there are several different factors you are typically advised to consider in order to select the most appropriate barrier. Factors typically include the following:

  • Water Conditions: Since your barrier will be operating in a water area, it is especially important that various aspects of your water location be properly considered. Water conditions include:
    • Water Velocity (typical flow speed)
    • Waves (height, frequency, etc.)
    • Tides

  • Wind: This can also play a factor in your site conditions. In general, it is advised that a typical wind speed and/or direction is noted if wind is frequently present on your site.

  • Site Conditions: It is also important to take into consideration various site conditions including:
    • Soil/Silt/Turbidity Type (is it contaminated?)
    • Project Duration
    • Site-Specific Conditions and Requirements

Silt Barriers typically come in sections that measure either 50 or 100 feet in length. Depths can vary anywhere from 3 to 100 feet and are dependant on your specific water location.

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