Barge Silt Barrier

Floating Turbidity Curtains for Dredging Barges

barge silt barrier Barge Silt Barrier is an curtain designed specifically for use on a dredge barge. Constructed with a single panel of PVC, these silt curtains hang down the sides of a barge deck to contain displaced sediment to a central location. Barge curtains are economical in design and are often considered an easy installation solution for dredging locations.

Unlike standard floating turbidity curtains, barge curtains contain silt at the source to help prevent materials from leaving the dredging area. Barge curtains are sized and designed to meet the specifications and requirements of your location. Please contact our team for more information regarding barriers for dredging barges or other floating containment curtains.

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Barge Silt Barrier Specifications

Fabric Coated PVC Fabric Skirts
Filter Panels Geotextile Filter Panels Optional
Bottom Chain / Low Tension Cable Steel Ballast Chain
Tension Cables Equipped to help add support
Furling Lines Allow Skirts to be Adjusted on Deck
Flyer Barge Silt Barrier Flyer

*Custom silt barrier solutions are also available.

Barge Silt Barrier Features

dredging barges deckSilt Barriers shown here are specifically designed to hang down along the sides of the barge. As dredging takes place in the center of the barge, displaced materials are contained directly to the barge location. This keeps contamination around the dredging sites and prevents spreading of materials. Once your dredging project is complete, containment materials/displaced sediment can be removed through the use of a clamshell. Read more information about Barge Silt Barrier.

  • Design: PVC Fabric Skirts
  • Lower Steel Ballast Chain and Tension Cables
  • Installs Directly to the Sides of Barges
  • Limits Spread of Displaced Solids during Dredging

Questions about floating turbidity curtains? We can help. Call us at 1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.

Other Silt Barrier Options

type 1 silt barrierLooking for a traditional silt barrier? While barge curtains are ideal for dredging along a barge deck, we also offer traditional silt curtains or turbidity barriers for use around dredging sites or containment locations.

View the models below for more information on traditional turbidity barriers can help with containment in your location. Since dredging will typically require stirring up waves and water areas, Type 2 and Type 3 models are the most common choice for dredging projects.

  • Type 2 Silt Barrier: Designed for medium conditions such as areas with a moderate flow, mild waves and/or wind.
  • Type 3 Silt Barrier: This barrier is intended for the roughest area conditions with high flows or extended requirements.

If you are looking for something to help with dredging control in open water areas please view our standard Floating Silt Curtains. We also provide Custom Dredging Products.

Questions about a dredging curtain? We can help. Call us at 1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.