Marine Anchor Kit

Anchoring Systems for Floating Barriers

marine anchor kitThe marine anchor kit is often an essential component to installing and maintaining floating silt barriers. Commonly used with oil boom, debris boom and turbidity curtains, these anchors help to stabilize the barrier against flows, waves, and other moving water conditions.

Each anchor kit includes the following components:

  • Buoy
  • 1/2" Twisted Rope
  • 3/8" Galvanized Steel Chain
  • Painter Lines
  • Anchor (22 lbs, 40 lbs, or 65 lbs)

This combination helps to anchor the barrier without putting too much pressure on the bottom skirt or sides. Protect your investment with our other Silt Barrier Accessories (PDF).

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How to Use Anchoring with Floating Curtain or Boom

anchoring systemsWhen anchoring the floating boom, curtain or barrier, care should be taken to prevent adding too much pressure to one area of the skirt. To achieve this balance, anchors are typically first attached to a buoy. Floating barriers are then connected to these buoys through painter rope or other equipment. This helps to relieve pressure placed on the barrier, while keeping the system in place. Typical anchoring can be seen in the image below:

Perfect for use with almost any floating boom, the anchor systems have frequently been used with any or all of the following products:

For these and other floating barriers, please check out our other Floating Boom Options.

Marine Anchor Kit Options

Product Size Type
24 lb/11 kg
Danforth type
Galvanized Steel Anchoring System
40 lb/18 kg
Danforth type
Galvanized Steel Anchoring System
8 ft/2.43 m x
3/8"/10 mm Chain
Galvanized Steel Chain Lower Rode
60 ft/18 m x
5/8"/16 mm Rope
Polypropylene Rope Upper Rode
with Thimbles
6 ft/1.82 m x
5/8"/16 mm Rope
Polypropylene Painter Rope with Thimble
and Galvanized Shackle
12" diameter Buoy Polyethylene Hard Shell Jim Buoy

Marine Anchoring Systems Placement

floating silt barrier marine anchor kitAnchoring of the silt or turbidity barrier is usually required for Type 2 and Type 3 barriers, but not for the Type 1 Barrier. Due to the calm water conditions required for a Type 1, these barrier will typically remain in place without additional anchoring or securing.

The following is a basic guide for placing anchoring kits in various water conditions. Turbidity barrier anchors are typically placed on the upstream side of the barrier. Please view the list below to the best option for your location:

  • Non-Tidal Water Conditions: One anchor every 100 feet

  • Non-Tidal Water Conditions with 10-15 feet water Depth: One anchor every 50 feet

  • Tidal Water Conditions: One anchor every 50 feet. (If you will be anchoring in tidal areas, anchors are typically required on both sides of the barrier.

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Questions about a containment boom marine anchor kit? We can help. Call us: 1-772-646-0597 or contact us.